Mossul Dream 2020

Since I was fifteen years old, until age 21
I have always dreamed of a strange dream, namely that I fly from my bed very high up, my body without movement,
the air rises and my eyes look down. My soul is completely free.

Then I watch my city at night from above.
There is not much light, the darkness dominated the city, but also peace, silence and security.
I watched my family and my neighbors mainly sleeping.
I got up and talked to my family and friends about the details of the dream
Some laugh and say only a dream, others say you will go away one day and watch us from a distance..
Heights await you, do not be afraid of them

I don‘t know if this dream has any impact on my real life
I ask myself and always remember this dream.

is it death?
what is below?
what is above?

so far I have not found a suitable explanation.
Now I see my city destroyed from the war and I see it from afar...